Every Great Presenter Needs these Qualities

Rather dull infographic. Will the graph cut through the stiff competitors to reach the target audience? Doubtful!

Let us begin with the winning features of the graph. It has a very fluidic design with a good narrative. This strategy makes it easier for the readers to go through the data smoothly without straining the eyes. All the qualities are listed in separate circles, which is a smart way of categorising data.

There is also sufficient amount of space in the chart. The ample space prevents the infograph form becoming cluttered. All the elements are neatly arranged which makes it very convenient for the readers to decipher the data.

The font selection is also perfect. There has been a use of multiple types of fonts but it looks good in the chart. The main texts are highlighted in bold and big fonts. The remaining texts are presented in less sophisticated font styles.

What I liked the most about this graph are the stunning illustrations and graphics. There are lots of graphic elements which help in making the design as lively as possible. It also helps in attracting and engaging the audience.

Now the thumbs-down part – the colour combination! The infographic fails to pop up. The colours used are rather dull and does not stand out. The lack of attractive colours makes this design a little boring. When it comes to a creative work it needs to be very lively especially if it has to cut through a lot of clutter.

The infograph has all the areas taken care of expect for the choice of colours. The layout is fantastic, there is space and the graphics are interesting.

presenter inforgraphs

Source: presentationdeck.com