Effect of Social Media on Investor Relations

This document here, although labeled an infographic, just looks more like a word document with a small picture on top that relates to the topic and looks something of the infographic sort.

The entire page on one look looks more like a boring piece of grammar that the reader would be less interested to read across than an infographic that intends to actually convey messages to the reader at one glance without much fuss over the content in it. This, however fails to meet that requirement as all it has in it is a bunch of paragraphs with just plain text in it and some images. This hardly attracts any reader at all.

None of the visually interesting images in here do anything to capture any interest.

The blue background provides some sort of an interesting change. Although the document still does really badly to convey the image across to the reader.

The visual elements in the document do very little to convey any sort of meaning. They just have some connection to the text alongside, they don’t really mean anything to the reader and here again the reader is forced to go with the paragraph given and this is a bummer.

The numbers are highlighted in each paragraph, but that looks more like a design strategy that has failed its purpose.

Overall the excessive content, and the lack of design and layout strategies that could help illustrate these extensive content does impact the “infographic” to some good extent that it almost as well qualifies for a text document with a few related pictures in it. The plain blue background with nothing so much of a gradient in it can be viewed as a poor design strategy or a failed design strategy that doesn’t really attain what it was actually intended to do.

social media investors infographic

Source: westuc.com