Direct Response TV Advertising by the Numbers

This infographic provides the necessary information required for DRTV ads.

The document can be viewed as a simple text with no specific design or illustration. In fact, this could hardly fall into the category of an infographic. This bunch of text would look more like an article or a blog about DRTV ads and the various other facts and quirks about related topics that help users get an understanding about what it means.

The document follows a layout that appears to be more of a flow layout than anything else. There are sections that are signified by bold headers from time to time. All of these headers contain some text content and some others do contain a picture.

The colors are black for the headers and a gray for the text. This keeps it well lit and provides for a comfortable set of colors for the document. There are no background decorations or improvisations. Just a plain white background that makes the document look all the more similar to a blog post or an article.

There is also an HTML form towards the bottom of the page where you can fill up your information so as to get in touch with the creators of the site.
The pictures used in the document are quite abstract. They don’t really mean much to me and they don’t really signify much of a point through the text.

The images used in the document are non expressive and convey something different from what we read through the contents of the document. In fact the images actually play very little role in playing as an influence to the reader.

There are literally no graphics or illustrations or such display features that convey meaningful data, in short the reader would have to read through from top to bottom to form an understanding about the text.

drtv advertising infographic