Crowdfunding for Blockchain Startups: ICOs, STOs, IEOs, TGEs

One would call this infographic a gripping one. It is filled with pictorial images and has enough content for a viewer to read. Although, if you are a fan of simplicity, then you might actually like it because it is not flashy and it looks professional even though there are so many designs on it. It can surely be shared wherever relevant and it will surely be a hit with millennials who look for information that evokes curiosity.

That said, the target audience for this piece of work seems pretty obvious. It caters to professionals and students alike; they would be pleased with it because it is straightforward and yet has a fun element to it so as to not bore the readers.

This piece is focused even though it is a mixture of a bunch of facts and figures where readers have to connect the dots. We cannot call it streamlined, but it addresses the topic at hand with ease. There is no compilation of random data. It speaks of one thing and why that thing matters.

This has a lot of graphic representation. There are interesting characters and designs throughout the piece. But since it is a short one and is not text heavy, it seems like it can be passed on. However, the balance between good information and graphical representation really does make a difference. The inclusion of visual elements is quite effective in this one. Since the background is plain white, it allows for the colors in the images to pop out.

The font used is alright and is easy on the eyes. Especially ones beneath the headings and subheadings, they are clear. If for any reason, the infographic gets resized while being put to use, then it shall not matter much because the font will still be visible.

blockchain startup crowdfunding infographic