Content Marketing Preparation on 2017

Content marketing is the need of the hour, no business that has a presence online can think of achieving successful returns unless they are backed by a strong content. From ad copies, to marketing brochures, booklets, and other written stuff that talks about business or website, come under content marketing.

This is the reason content marketing has to be very strategic and target driven. The strategies have to be reviewed and analyzed every year, and this is what the infographic here explains in a crisp and precise manner. If your business is yet to plan the content marketing strategy for 2017, this is must go through image.

The Layout

The infographic does a good job in putting up all the information in regards to content marketing essentials for the year 2017. However, from the design perspective, it does miss out on certain points. The color combination is certainly good, but it has been used a lot which actually makes the image look a slightly exaggerated. Another thing that mars the overall layout is the height of the image in totality, which hampers the readability. Even the spacing between texts and sub-headings is not appropriate. As far as use of statistics, figures, and fonts are concerned, things look pretty good.

The Content

Talking of the content, the infographic has put in all required information which clearly explains how the content marketing strategy has to be formed for successful returns in business.  It highlights the different content types such as blogs, videos, webinars and others that businesses can use to diversify content marketing. Taken as a whole, the image provides enough information and useful tips for forming a successful content marketing.

The Verdict

The infographic is based on a very strong and useful subject concerning with content marketing, but owing to certain loopholes in the image kill the overall look and feel of it. It would have been better if the texts, images and different sections were organized in a crisp way, to make it more comprehensive.

interesting data visualization about content marketing