Consider This When Searching Hotels for Your Team

This infographic provides an insight into how to find the best hotels for your team on any specific event.

The color scheme used in this document is quite vivid and stands out too boldly at places. It feels fine at places and could be too strong and concentrated at others. Combine this with a lack of a strong enough central tonal color through the document and it gives you this page with no exact limits or sense to color schemes.

The design is pretty bold and keeps things on the face of it. Large icons, numbers, and figures. Things that are essential are put there out front. This could be a nuisance to some readers, but there are others who could feel welcome to it.

The font used varies through the document, yet it looks pretty neat and good enough with all the other stuff around it. The line-height could have done better at paragraphs and text sections here and there on the page. Although that doesn’t really do much harm the way it is right now.

The design and layout look pretty cool. It looks good, the combination of elements of one page with the elements of another. Although, there could have been some difference as to how the headers were marked because right now the headers look really abandoned amidst all that color and design all around that all that makes it the least visible is the size which could neither do the trick when there are so many visual elements all around the place.

The content looks pretty relevant. If only there were a pretty good interface that could bring this out well enough. Yeah, it does look unprofessional.

Overall, this is quite a good piece of work that has too strong colors and too big words all around.