Consequences of Having an Unclean Office

The page is all about a service that helps keep the office clean in the name of employees’ welfare. There is a not so catchy logo on top and two-dimensional illustrations all around. A good deal of effort has been made to make this work look productive and interesting. Although this, however, tries to prove the fact that this business isn’t all that effective. The page goes further on how employees get sick of building space and how some environments are not really suited for workers.

The document follows a white background from start to end in a plain and boring attitude throughout. The design elements and the creativity has brought some stroke of interest into it.

The design is quite nice at points, but fails to meet the standard that could actually please a reader. The blue headers used throughout is quite the only form of text that actually appears to look designed at any point.

Although two dimensional illustrations have been used, the illustrations fail to connect with the content. This drives attention and focus towards the text in a strong way such that the illustrations end up looking pointless.

The language used in the page is also quite scrawny and fails to gather interest or generate any buzz in a reader. The facts provided are more or less quite common facts which provide another source for disinterest among the readers.

The layout somehow seems appreciable enough to have brought a tiny bit of impact on the outcome of the page. Yet, this flare of brilliance on behalf of the layout is quite completely taken away by the remaining principles used throughout the infographic.

Overall, this is quite a plain and boring piece of work. There is a bit of illustration here and there and all around, but this fails to connect to the content and stays out of the picture entirely.

germs in the office infographic