Check Out These 5 Tips for Better Performing Content

This infographic is an informative piece of work that outlines five things that help you create content that would be clickable, shareable and search-friendly.

The heading of the infographic is quite bold and stands out really strongly. With its bold red background and white text beneath the minimalist illustration, this does make an attractive heading that conveys what the content of the document is in one glance.

Further downwards the reader could see a thread through the middle of the page in which different points are exploded into tabs on either side of the page. Each tab has an accompanying minimalist illustration on its other side that almost helps to convey the message once you have a good look at the heading. This could have been done more efficiently, but thus far, it works great.

The color scheme is dominantly Red and other such friendly colors supported by black, grey and white for other helpful areas. It is quite a nice color palette, although the red looks a bit too strong out there.

The design is simple and helps keep the page in order and pleasing to the reader’s eye. There is a degree of standard that could be easily understood from the page, a speckle of uniformity that helps the reader navigate across similar content.

The layout is also perfect with its list of tips and helpful illustrations on either side of the page and the bold highlight of facts and numbers that should stand out.

Overall, this is a fine piece of work that essentially puts the facts out to the reader in a well ordered and simple manner that makes it easy to read the content as well as understand what it is all about. The content also serves to be up to mark with all the other elements of the page.

shareable content infographic