What do Brand Numbers Mean?

You would expect the neon green color selected for this infographic to be uncomfortable to the eyes, but it actually does work in attracting attention. It also balances perfectly well with the dull yellow color applied to the different sections. The green and yellow colors alternate quite impressively making the presentation look professional and organized. It is super easy to tell the different sections from the color coordination. The title is creatively designed with digits appearing in different letters, making sense in from every angle.

A total of 20 brands are highlighted by the presentation and space has been put to good use since the sections alternate between the right and left parts of the display. The left and right alternations make the image even more attractive and fun at the same time. Each section represents a brand and even before reading the information included you already know what brand you are about to read about from the clear logos included. The texts are not necessarily big but they are still readable without struggles.

Considering the amount of information this infographic carries, its size is quite impressive. The design manages to keep everything tightly together without making it look too busy and this works in keeping the size of the presentation friendly. There is no struggle with scrolling up and down as a result and hence reading to the end is super easy. One scroll down is enough to allow you to read as many as five sections and this is quite friendly to any user.

Everything is balanced out from the colors to the section sizes, fonts, logos and even the titles. No section seems more prominent than the other. The design leaves very little space to waste and yet it contains all important details in relation to the title.

information graphics about brand numbers

Source: lottoland.com.au