Accelerator vs Startup Studio: What Startup Model is Right for You?

In this infographic, one can have a closer look into the differences between the two different start-up models; start-up accelerators and start-up studios.


With just a glimpse, the reader can easily find out that the artwork contains a comparison between start-up accelerators and start-up studios.

An “Accelerator VS Startup studio” title at the top clearly states the topic under discussion.

There are two columns that present the main characteristics of each start-up model.

On the left side, the reader can see information about accelerators. On the right side, they can find information on start-up studios.

Each column starts with a heading in bold capital letters. Right below, one can see a phrase that shortly describes the specific start-up model.

Under this phrase, the reader can find some key characteristics of each start-up model. They are presented in the form of a bullet-point list.

Under these two columns with the bullet-point lists, one can see an eye-catching image of a balance scale. This image cleverly emphasizes the comparison that is presented in the graphic.

In this balance scale, one can find some examples of start-up accelerators and start-up studios respectively. They are presented with their logos.


The fact that the comparison between the two start-up models is given in the form of two lists next to each other allows for the reader to quickly and easily access the information that interests them.

At the same time, the fonts are easy-to -read and all texts are carefully placed on a contrasting background.

Moreover, the use of logos to present the examples of accelerators and start-up studios makes it easier for the reader to quickly get the picture.

The infographic’s readability could have been improved with some blank spaces between the bullet-points that present the two models’ characteristics.

infographic about startup accelerators and startup studios