A Few Stats About Facebook Advertising

One look at this infographic and you can already tell that it is going to be very precise. The texts are minimal; actually, the images seem to be dominating the display. But even as they take dominance they do make the presentation appealing thanks to their fun war colors and interesting style. These images are also positioned in such a way that they create some sort of balance to entire display so they are not overwhelming it even though they are numerous. Also notable about the images is their relevance to the info they represent. They do give an interesting read so attention is maintained to the end of the display.

Few sentences make the text within the entire presentation. They are basically important points regarding the topic and they are easy to understand. However, the font size is a little too small and does not make reading that easy for the eyes; the eyes strain when going over some areas and the font color does not make the experience any better. However, the key points within the texts are in bold may be to make sure you do not miss them under any circumstance.

The sections are easy to tell apart thanks to their different colored backgrounds. Even though this is an infographic that only has one title with no subheadings hence making the sections unnecessary, they still make very good breaks within the display and add to its appeal so reading is fun.

Considering that this was supposed to be about statistics as to why Facebook is a great advertising channel and how you can go about that, it does not really teach much especially around how to go about the advertising. It has concentrated on the statistics to convince the readers about this platform only.

facebook advertising info graphic designSource: oberlo.com