8 Useful Features of Employee Time-Tracking Software

This infographic aims at providing information on employee time-tracking software. More specifically, it presents 8 useful features of employee time-tracking software.


At the top, the reader can see an eye-catching title that introduces the subject under discussion. Next to the title, there is also a relevant image, which depicts a man working on a desk, with a big clock in the background.

Right underneath, one can see a frame with a fact about the average office worker’s productivity.

The next section presents time-tracking software as an efficient solution to track employees’ working hours and ensure they remain productive.

Moving on, the reader can find a section that presents the advantages of time-tracking software. More specifically, it suggests that there are four ways in which a time-tracking software can help. And they are presented with four short phrases and four relevant images.

The last section contains the eight features a time-tracking software should have. They are presented with a colored heading, a short bullet-point list with more information and a relevant image.


The artwork’s design is simple, modern and appealing to the reader.

The color palette, as well as the several images and elements that are used throughout, encourage the reader to have a closer look.


The fonts that are used throughout are easy to read. At the same time, the artwork’s consistency makes it easy for the reader to go through all information with the minimum time and effort needed.

Moreover, the eye-catching headings, the reader-friendly color palette, the images and other elements and the black spaces in-between further boost the artwork’s readability.

Final Thoughts

The infographic is appealing and allows for the reader to quickly and easily access the information that is presented.

infographic about the features employee-tracking software should have

Source: https://hrapp.in/top-features-of-employee-time-tracking-software/