8 Market Place Issues Most Clients Face

The title of this infographic is written using black and orange colors.

This color choice helps in highlighting the title in a white paper.

The font size is also adequate and the use of bolded sentences in the paragraph just below the title helps in shedding light on the important point which is discussed

The title of the discussed Problems is made by making the written text bold and the color used in the text is jet black.

The information presented by the discussed Problems is written using black, orange and white colors.

The background is made using orange, white and blue colors; while the graphics make use of black color along with the colors used for the background.

In the first problem discussed good use of graphics is made to point out the problem of reading and speaking of language. However, the use of letters A and B in speech balloons might confuse some about what the image is trying to convey. The overall structure of the graphics is good, which helps in recognizing what is what.

The second problem discussed has a blue background and the font color is made white in some places to highlight important details. Graphics are good as well, but a bit of detailing is required in some of them. For example, the card shown has all 0’s as its numbers, which could have been X’s instead of 0’s to depict the use of random numbers.

In the fourth problem discussed an interesting use of the circular background of orange color is made and the stats are written in bolded white color to highlight them.

Overall the choice of layout and the design of this infographic are nice. It is easier to understand what is being discussed in each section. All it requires is some improvement in the detailing of graphics.

marketplace issues infographic

Source: cs-cart.com