7 Things About Buying CBD Oil

This is a straightforward document that explains what all the reader would need to look for when buying CBD Oil. The overall document is shaded in a simple background of striped dark green with each strip arranged for each of the seven sections in the document.

The design used throughout the document is really simple and minimalistic. You’d doubt if there is any design element included at all through some point.

The layout is a flow diagram from top to bottom and continues monotonously through towards the end of the document. This could look less catchy to readers, but as long as the content is worth it, I shouldn’t see why there should be any fuss about the design and layout.

The Text is intriguing. The font used at the top header of the page and the header subsections all look pretty strange. It doesn’t really feel like a header after all but just a couple of text put up there in a larger type size. The logo is placed quite controversially at the top and it might feel like there was some hard time placing the logo over there.

The content of the infographic is really long and at first sights it would appear like a daunting task to go through each one of those literary paragraphs to catch a glimpse of what is actually conveyed in each. The headings of subsections actually do help convey this message much better. Although the content in each section could also have been simpler.

The two dimensional simple art used in the document does convey a little meaning at some point, but it isn’t exactly all that informative.

Overall, this isa shady colored piece of work that drives less attention towards itand is focused on the detailed description of how to select good CBDoil.

cbd oil infographic

Source: cbdpure.com