5S as the Foundation of Lean Programs

This infographic is quite a full piece of a page. It has things strewn all over it and at first it looks like a mess. Although stuff could get easier. The document is all about a 5S method. Throughout the page, is written all about 5S and its various components, pros and cons.

The document uses the aid of cartoons to a good extensive degree. And almost all parts of this work are much like a cartoon drawing. In fact, the content looks far less important when going through this document emphasized with the cartoons.

The colors used here are quite wide ranged. Owing to the importance of the cartoons, there are quite a lot of colors around in here. Although, the basic layout of the document is laid out in a faded blue and orange, it appears hardly noticeable.

The layout of the document is quite satisfactory if it weren’t for the poorly scaled text in it. The rest of the content seems fine and adequately placed and managed throughout.

The content was done a huge injustice by scaling it down so far that it looks almost pointless in a document where the cartoons took over. The content is hardly visible to some extent and even worse, hardly noticed among all the other colors and illustrations going on throughout the page.

Overall, this is a greatly designed and laid out piece of work furnished even better by the use of cartoons across the page that brings a very quick picture to the readers’ minds. The only two defects to this document being the poor color scheme and worse, the poorly scaled text. Although the colors can be excused to some extent, the visibility of the text cannot be excused in any context as there exists no content in this document without that bunch of text.

5s foundation infographic

Source: creativesafetysupply.com