5 Ways Brexit has impacted British Imports and Exports

This infographic is about the impact of Brexit. More specifically, it presents information on the five ways it has affected British imports and exports to the EU.

The Structure

The top part includes an image of two torn-up flags – the one of Great Britain and the one of Europe – and the title. It is placed inside two eye-catching frames and written in easy-to-read fonts.

The five ways Brexit has impacted imports and exports are presented in five separate sections. Each one of them starts with a heading and ends with a relevant quote and a picture.

In the middle of each section, the reader can find four to five short paragraphs that include more details on each specific result Brexit has had on imports and exports.

Right under these five different sections, one can find a frame in a different color than above, which contains more information on Brexit and the infographic’s goal to present the main challenges both businesses and consumers are now facing.


The straight-forward structure helps the reader quickly and easily go through the information that is presented.

Despite the fact that the artwork contains rather long texts, the way reader can get the idea in just a few seconds without having to read everything.

At the same time, the easy-to-read fonts, the colored frames, the images and all the elements that are used throughout further boost the artwork’s readability.

Final Thoughts

The infographic succeeds in presenting some useful information in a way that is appealing to the reader. Its layout and design helps one quickly and easily access this information.

infographic about Brexit and its impact on British imports and exports

Source: https://www.tlxgroup.co.uk/infographic-5-ways-brexit-has-impacted-british-imports-and-exports-to-the-eu/