5 Must-Know Facts About Metal Waste Management

This document sums up in detail the major things you have to know about metal waste management. The page headers are quite non-appealing. There is a bare outline for it and the text isn’t all that visible enough to catch the highlights.

The page seems to have given more importance to design rather than content through the page as there is a lot of color and design elements that mean less and there are paragraphs and paragraphs of information that have been sized poorly and fail to reach the reader before the page design. This is a serious drawback as the intention of the document is not conveyed to the reader.

The design is fine, but it takes too much space in the document and stands out too prominently in quite a weird way. It is a simple drawing consisting of less design principles and only basic geometry. But it has been given undue importance.

The content has been poorly shaped and is not exactly visible at first glance. This can be observed throughout the document.

The color is all right, except for the illustrations where the colors are too strong or too bright for the notice.

The layout is fine, although the design takes away the attention again, the subheadings could have stood out more prominently. In this case, the images and the design elements stand out too well that readers rely on the visual information for navigation rather than the subheadings.

Overall, this is a fine piece of work that could have been better were it not for all the design and illustration that took too much space all through the document and left very little for the rest of the content. The content, the layout, everything else has now become secondary to the design and illustration used.

Source: aviva.ca