25 Must-Haves for Your Business Website

The infographic on the 25 features any online business website should have in today’s date is successful in its aim of enlightening the readers about the different features they should try to implement on their site.

The Idea: The Idea of presenting it in the form of a website layout deserves mention because this will help the users visualize their own website and the features needed on the same. The different parts of it represent the various parts of the site and hence it becomes easier for people to understand where to put which details to make it better.

The Sober Presentation: The content has been presented in a sober way so that the texts are readable and people find it easier to read.

The Detailed Description: Each part has been described in detail instead of just touching upon the points. They have explained the inner as well as outer pages along with the different portions of each page in detail, such as the header, above the fold, below the fold etc.

The Technicalities: It has been created keeping the different technical features mind such as navigation, breadcrumb navigation, linking, call to action button etc. So one can not only become aware of the different details but also the technical part.

Less Attractive: It could be made more attractive and visually appealing. It will no doubt make the users aware of the key points in making a website better but will not be able to draw the attention of the readers. They would rather prefer reading another one which is eye-catching despite the fact that the infographic under consideration has substantial information.

The Reference Links: The links to the reference sites have been mentioned at the end so that people can visit them if they want to have a clearer idea.

In short, the piece is successful in explaining the details of the features to be included in a website but is not attractive enough to draw the attention of readers.

information graphic about business features

Source: ukwebhostreview.com