17 Money Saving Tips for your Small Business

With regard to this infographic, even though it looks quite presentable but has huge amount of information. For an infograph to be more attractive and informative, it needs to have short and crisp information, which this in particular lacks.

The color schema looks quite nice, with the combination of white, blue and dark sky blue. Of course, other innovative and attractive color combinations could be used like green, yellow, and red; blue, grey and white. Another best part is that each of the steps has a brief description, followed by the tools used and the action that can be taken,

It is good to see that they has covered all the minute information here regarding the topic. Pictures used look quite nice and attractive. But somehow real life images or pictures can be used to make it more realistic and attractive. The number of tips or steps involved can be drastically reduced to about 8 or 10.

Each tip can have real life examples of firms who have used these procedures and steps. And this important aspect is not present in this work. A graphical representation can be used to show the shift in terms of budget that comes with such cost cutting strategies. A pie chart comparison can be used to show how a small firm that follows these 17 strategies is able to come toe-to-toe with large and highly successful organizations.

This infographic can even talk about the basic advantage and disadvantage about cost saving strategies and how it can be used effectively in all kinds of business. In addition, a brief conclusion is missing.

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Source: icredit.com.sg