10 Economies that Are Most Innovative

Even though the infographic looks attractive, still it somewhat lacks certain extensive information to highlight the changes and updates in terms of innovation in business. It indeed represents the list of the various countries (top 10) having innovative economies.

Along with the name of the countries, there could be a graphical representation showing the yearly or half yearly GDP or profits made by innovative economies of the countries. The color schema could improve. Blue and yellow are indeed good colors, but more attractive and highlighting colors like orange and red, purple and blue, green and red, etc can be used.

A detailed explanation in terms of graphs or pie chat can be given for why there are chances of new product failure. In addition, how Nielsen and Harvard Business School consolidated the report based on the chances of new product. An introduction about the procedure involved and the various criteria followed by both the studies can be explained in this infographic.

With regard to the innovation in business for the year 2017, a comparison can be shown about the changes or updates occurred from 2016 to 2017 or maybe for five years in the form of a graph. Certain examples can be taken of businesses which have survived extensive success in terms of innovation and the ones who have really failed. Plus this infographic could elaborate about the plans involved in innovating the business process in bullet-points.

As stated above, it is great to classify the innovation based on countries. But the list could also contain the ranking of the countries in terms of innovation as a tabular data. Also, the number of innovative companies presents in each of the countries and how much innovative they are in terms of profit and losses can be added in a table format.

At the end, the list of the various e-commerce websites or organizations that follow innovative ideas and procedures can be listed. Along with that the infographic can explain about the successful innovative strategies utilized by these firms.

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Source: innovationcompany.co.uk