vpn explanation infographica (thumb)

What are People Hiding Behind their VPNs?

The given infographic is quite attractive and standard. The design is simple and the color of theme looks standardized. With regard to the font, it…

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informational graphics about dental implants (thumb)

Learn How a Dental Implant Procedure Works

This infographic talks about the procedures present in a dental implant. Besides being informative, it has a good design and theme. What makes it more…

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infograhics about cyber attacks (thumb)

Is your Business Ready for a Cyber Attack?

The infographic looks quite classic and attractive. The extensive color combination of black, orange, white, green, and blue indeed highlights the major information that is…

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graphic design charts about brands in songs (thumb)

Top 10 Brands that have been Mentioned in a Song

The infographic looks informative and attractive. It does provide a crisp description about the various designer brands in pop songs. The entire format looks impressive;…

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