best info graphics about dental restoration

Differences Between Dental Restoration Methods

Every time you visit your dentist, you are advised to get some work done and most of the time you are not really sure what…

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beautiful charts about pearls sizing (thumb)

Pearl Size Comparison Guide

This image talks about how sizing plays a decisive role when it comes buying pearl. To get the right pearl, it’s very important that one…

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best info graphics about babies (thumb)

Stats During a Babie’s First Year

Most mothers would want to know how a baby grows and what the behavioral descriptions are. A must for all mothers to know and learn…

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beautiful charts about europe destinations (thumb)

Best European Destinations for Stag Weekends

The infographic is a strong pictorial presentation of how the Stag weekends in Eastern Europe look like. When the word Europe is heard, every one…

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information graphic design about marihuana

Marihuana Laws Status

This infographic highlights the marijuana laws in the USA.  And this infographic brings forth the amendments and additions USA marijuana law has undergone. The Layout…

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info graphic design about office cafeteria (thumb)

Office Cafeterias and Employee Relations

This graph talks about how a company cafeteria improves employee relations and is featured in a red and green combination of colours. Since it is…

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