emails data visualization graphics (thumb)

Everything you Need to Know About Welcome Emails

A very informative and engaging infographic! The colour combination is very attractive. The use of blue, brown and white makes the design very interesting and…

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cool data visualization about stress busting food (thumb)

Foods that Help Combating Stress

With almost everyone across the world being affected by their hectic lifestyle and excessive stress, extensive studies have been conducted on ways and methods as…

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awesome data visualization about burglary effects (thumb)

What are the Psychological Effects of a Burglary?

Burglaries at homes are a common mishap that can often cause a myriad of problems to the inhabitants of the home and this infographic clearly…

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presenter inforgraphs (thumb)

Every Great Presenter Needs these Qualities

Rather dull infographic. Will the graph cut through the stiff competitors to reach the target audience? Doubtful! Let us begin with the winning features of…

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HTML Quick Reference Sheet

Another simple and effective design! As you can see the designer has kept the graph very basic with the use of few elements. Since it’s…

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vaping infogrphics (thumb)

Some Facts about Switching from Smoking to Vaping

What caught our attention instantly was the beautiful explosion of colors. Usually, charts related to health are designed in blue or white, but this was a…

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