Affiliate step by step infograf (thumb)

Three Steps to Earn Money with Affiliation

Presently, more and more people are being interested in earning through affiliate marketing as this appears to be a source of real income from home….

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Non touristy things info graph (thumb)

List of Non Touristy Things in London

The infographic is very clear and has a beautiful and no-nonsense layout. A mere glimpse is enough to let a person know what the design…

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Premier league graph

Premier League Copa America 11 Stats

The Copa America Cup having kicked off graciously, football fans across the globe are looking towards their favorite Premier League players as they fight it…

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Infograph about late excusses (thumb)

10 Late Excuses for Your Boss

This infographic is a creative and fun way to make the audience aware of the unique excuses that they can make when they are late…

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Workplace injuries infographic (thumb)

Leading Causes of Workplace Injuries

This infographic design explains the causes of injuries at the workplace with funny illustrations. It communicates the message efficiently and keeps the viewer engaged with…

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Infographic about types of water (thumb)

Top 5 Water for Best Health

This infographic presents information about which type of water is the best for your health. Design Being an infographic meant to spread awareness and instant…

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