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Occipital lobe

We live in a world filled with advertisements, the most effective of which create a strong visual impact. The reason lays in the fact that image is easier for the brain to understand than text. Researches has concluded that student performance in retention and reading comprehension improves when using graphic organizers, which brings the use of infographics to the fore.

Infographics content marketing is becoming more and more widespread, since it helps increase the visibility of a company in the world, which can boost business growth. Infographics are based on a core concept of laying out ideas in a fast, simple way -no matter how complex those ideas originally are. The key is summarizing the information you want to transmit in an easily understandable way. This is what makes infographics so effective.

Due to globalization and the extended use of the internet, we are actually exposed to thousands of ads and ideas every day. In the free-for-all of the modern internet, there is so much competition for eyeballs and click-throughs that boring, traditional methods are doomed to failure. That's why it's important to express these ideas in a simple visual way, so they will reach people directly and stand out from the crowd.

When content is straightforward and clear, people tend to share it. There's an enormous quantity of social content shared every single day, and if your information is processed in an effective way, it can go viral and boost your company. People can share it on Twitter and Facebook, or post it on their blog or webpage. This will give visibility to your company, or will help to reinforce its marketplace presence.

Since 2010, there has been a growing interest in searching for infographics on Google. As can been seen in the graphic, search interest has been greater and greater, especially since 2011, due to the increasing demand for infographics worldwide.

Of course, submitting your infographics to web sites like Infographic Database is also a great way to make them visible from a marketing perspective. All the infographics submitted to the page are collected in different categories, so people can search for what interests them, and access it. This provides an ideal platform to efficiently connect infographic creators with their intended customers.

In summary, infographics are a great way to give visibility to your company, with a significant chance of making the product go viral. As for infographic submission sites, they help to store and organize the content, and they make it available to potential customers.

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